Hi my name’s Ilan Sherman and I’m the Founder and CEO of Lounge-Wear. For three generations, our family tradition has always been in clothing but for me personally, I’ve always wanted to be involved in something that did a little bit of good for the world.


Unashamedly I am NOT launching a brand that wants you to dedicate your whole life to saving the planet! For me personally, I’m not a tree-hugger, I don’t have dreadlocks and shock horror, I do still fly on aeroplanes occasionally (though you wouldn’t know it this year!).  

However, I still want to ‘do my bit’ and I know that there are millions of people out there who also, whilst not pretending to be perfect, just like to do the right thing with certain life choices, and try to do a little bit more every year.

So one of the main reasons for launching Lounge-Wear, a clothing brand dedicated to sustainable organic and recycled clothing, is to move fashion in the right direction, and be involved in something that in its own way helps make that little contribution to improving our world.


The other side to this and the other main reason why we have launched Lounge-Wear.co.uk at this particular time is that the whole pandemic experience of 2020 has really changed the way people view the way they should dress. I think the days of formalwear are numbered. People have realised that comfort is the most important and loungewear such as tee-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and tracksuits have had a huge renaissance and growth over the last few years, especially in recent times, with people working from home and not necessarily going out as much. There’s been an increased realisation that to be comfortable and stylish is more important than anything else.


The brand ‘Lounge-wear’ that we have created is simple – high quality organic or recycled materials that are not only extremely comfortable and luxurious but also affordable to the masses. When we did more research, we found that there are very few companies who are purely sustainable who are selling items with a realistic price point. Organic hoodies for over £100 is not where I see the future. If people are going to embrace this, it has to be affordable for the majority, and this is what we have identified and tried to cater for. 

Hopefully we will allow people to do their bit, feel great and also look fabulous.

During lockdown, all we ever wore was hoodies, sweatshirts, tracksuits and tees, and that’s where the catalyst for Lounge-Wear really came from. I didn’t feel there was a brand out there for me, so I thought we’d create it!

I’m delighted to be working with talented designer Georgia Wilkinson from The Sentenced. Georgia has designed from some top household brands, and she’s put together some really impressive pieces that are excellent value for what we are offering.

Yes the mainstream high-street brands have jumped on the bandwagon and added a token ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable’ section to their website, but it's not what their brands stand for. 

We wanted to build a company where every single item on the website allows the customer to do the right thing in an understated way. Every aspect of the brand embraces that concept. We’re proud to donate some of our profits towards good causes.


As I said, we’re not doing this in a way that is so ‘in your face’, so pressuring for people. We just want to tap into what I believe is the majority of good-natured people in this country and beyond who just want to look good and feel like they are doing the right thing and move themselves in a positive direction when it comes to future generations.

So I’m very excited to see where this can go. Initial feedback suggests we are onto something. The simple ideas are usually the best ones. Firstly, we are tapping into the decline of formal clothing and the resurgence of comfortable informal clothing. Secondly, the growing need for everyone, not just a select few to want to contribute and do their bit in their own small way.

I’m a person who bought my first electric car this year, I’ve started to buy organic milk, I do a bit of recycling at home - but I still know things like sustainable clothing are going to the norm rather than the exception. Its time to move everyone in the right direction – that’s it – no judgement, no soapboxes, no pedestals, just bringing people along, and with three generations of clothing in my family, its time to move myself in the right direction too. 

Everything I do going forward as a businessperson has to have some positive impact on the world and I think that is the way that everyone is going. 

So I hope you enjoy our collections. They are really fashionable and a lot of hard effort has been put in and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process. 


For me now, the work really begins. I’d like to share my personal email address (ilan@lounge-wear.co.uk) to anyone who wants to share any ideas or any feedback – the early stages in a company’s history are crucial and I will guarantee a reply to any of your comments, questions, new product ideas or areas for improvement.

Thank you



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Better for the planet

Better for the planet